Two Tools for Estimating Breast Cancer Risk: Your Disease Risk & Zuum

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so what better time to post about our two tools that can estimate a woman’s risk of the disease and provide personalized tips for prevention?  
Our long-running website Your Disease Risk is a scientifically validated tool that provides a detailed look at the factors that can increase and decrease a woman’s risk of breast cancer – from things like family history and reproductive factors to behaviors like diet and exercise.  Using these, the site estimates a woman’s risk and creates simple custom messages for lowering that risk.  
The new Zuum app for the iPad is similar to Your Disease Risk, except that it’s more streamlined for the mobile world.  Using a single short questionnaire, Zuum provides a risk estimate not only for breast cancer risk but also for heart disease and stroke, diabetes, colon cancer, and lung cancer.  It also offers a toolkit for lowering risk as well as regular inbox reminders about healthy lifestyles.
And that is the real key to what Your Disease Risk and Zuum do. By highlighting the healthy things a woman is already doing and targeting areas she may want to work on, they build a practical guide that all woman can follow to maintain or improve their health.   

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