The Colon Cancer Community Partnership (CCCP) has continued to meet quarterly and aims to provide cancer education, and promote screening to underserved community members across St. Louis and our surrounding regions.

The CCCP worked to expand our colon cancer Smart Health Days to include breast, prostate, and colon cancers, and engage CCCP members for our “How Cancer Impacted My Life” panel discussion. We continue to disseminate our colon cancer resource guide (developed in 2014) and display Photovoice posters at community events, and utilize our large inflatable colon for community outreach events.

The CCCP has also provided critical feedback on PECaD’s involvement in the National Cancer Institute’s Screen to Save initiative. Two CCCP members were highlighted in our metrobus campaign that focuses on colon cancer screening. The CCCP has been advising PECaD as we make plans to move some Screen to Save activities forward.