The Prostate Cancer Community Partnership (PCCP) continues to provide education and free screenings to uninsured, underserved, and underrepresented communities around the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.

The PCCP continues our partnership with 100 Black Men. On September 10, 2016, the PCCP provided free screenings for men and educational materials for all attendees at their annual Prostate Cancer walk. In December of 2016, the PCCP partnered with Lane Tabernacle again to provide screening at their annual Men’s Night, with Dr. Arnold Bullock speaking and answering audience questions on prostate cancer and treatment. In April 2017, the PCCP was invited to participant in the Smart Health Cancer Community Education Day and provided education for this event, including PCCP member Raymond Marbury serving as a panelist for the “How Cancer Affected My Life” discussion.

The PCCP continues to work closely with The Empowerment Network (TEN) to provide outreach and education. Once again the PCCP and TEN partnered at Mt. Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in May 2017. The PCCP along with TEN was able to provide screening for 15 men, and cancer prevention education at the Annual Community Health and Resource Fair. The partnership was also able to support The Empowerment Network Men’s Retreat, hosted in June 2017, by providing give away bags and other promotional items.

During the past year, the PCCP with help from BJC Creative Services, finalized the Prostate Cancer Resource Guide. This guide contains information about prostate cancer, including resources for screening and treatment, transportation, nutritional, and other forms of support and assistance. This guide has been distributed to our community partnerships, physicians, Siteman Cancer Center locations, and local health centers, with hopes of distributing to even more community health centers.