The Siteman Biostatistics and Qualitative Research Shared Resource (SBQSR) provides services using three mechanisms:

(1)  Pre-award grant preparation: free of charge

Effective September 1st, 2016, the Siteman Biostatistics and Qualitative Research Shared Resource will be subsidizing all work related to the preparation of new cancer grant applications. Principal Investigators will not be charged for any support needed to develop new projects for their cancer grant application.

Principal Investigators are encouraged to include statistical support in their grant and study budgets.  

(2)  Percentage efforts sourced to grants

No subsidy will be available for post-award grant support.  Statistician can be budgeted on grants to provide services.

(3)  Hourly billing

All post-award support not sourced will be charged to the Principal Investigator at the full published rates (below) by service hours.

All researchers will receive 1 hour of free consultation for any cancer project not related to grant preparation. All projects initiated prior to 9/1/2016 will be billed at the rates below.

The Siteman Biostatistics and Qualitative Research Shared Resource (SBQSR) core operates as fee-for-service facility.  Standard fees for the core are: $130/hour for faculty advisement and $70/hour for staff advisement.

Complete the Service Request Form to begin the process.

To better assist our researchers in working with the Siteman Biostatistics Shared Resource, the shared resource core has introduced several new policies and procedures below.
• All requests will be submitted through a short online request form
• Just-In-Time (JIT) funding is available to investigators who utilize SBQSR
• Fee-for-service agreements are required for billable requests

Below are several funding sources available to investigators. Please take the applications seriously.

American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant (annually, 4 awards at $30,000)

Ongoing Siteman Cancer Center opportunities (announced as cycles open with turnaround time of 6 months)

Internal competitions
There are designated internal competitions for junior faculty within the Washington University system. Make sure you qualify based on the foundations’ requirements. Please contact Steve Baer ( with any questions regarding internal funding opportunities.

Mallinckrodt Scholar Program
Supports mid-career investigators engaged in basic biomedical research that has the potential to significantly advance the understanding, diagnosis or treatment of disease. Assistant professors and associate professors in the fifth to eighth year of their tenure track are eligible. The award is not intended for faculty who have already achieved the rank of full professor. Faculty may hold an R01 when they apply for the Mallinckrodt Scholars program. The Scholar Award provides $100,000 per year for a period of four years.

ICTS Funding Opportunities

Faculty members without established funding for their project are encouraged to apply for Just-In-Time (JIT) funding through the ICTS. Visit the JIT website for details.