Tobacco Control Works – Now Implement It

As noted in the NCI Cancer Bulletin this week (see related story), Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, Dr. Howard Koh, describes the new tobacco control strategy released this month as four pillars of strategic action. These high impact approaches are known to work.

  • Change social norms around tobacco use
  • Improve the public’s health through implementing evidence-based tobacco control interventions and polices at the state and community level
  • Lead by example and leverage all possible resources
  • Advance knowledge, accelerate research, and expand the scientific knowledge base.
Tobacco smoking remains the leading cause of premature mortality in the US. Adults who quit lower their risk of chronic disease including a number of cancers, heart disease, stroke, and chronic obstructive lung disease, to name a few. Quality of life improves after quitting smoking. Lifetime costs of health care are reduced.

For more details on the strategic plan go to the posting by HHS, which includes the related press release and a Webcast of the press announcement (link).
Is your community doing all it can to help prevent youth from taking up smoking and to help adults who smoke to quit?

Do you prefer smoke free restaurants?

How does cigarette smoking impact your community?

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