Rest NOT Best

Following closely on the heels of the American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Guidelines for Cancer Survivors, MacMillan Cancer Support in the UK this week is launching a Move More campaign designed to get cancer survivors up and moving and debunk the notion that rest is best for cancer survivors during and after treatment. As part of that MacMillan reviewed the evidence supporting a role for exercise in survivors. Expanding on the ACSM focus on clinical trials, the MacMillan report includes observational data – notably that showing that exercise reduces risk of recurrence and death in breast, colorectal and prostate cancer survivors. The MacMillan website holds a wealth of information, directed at survivors, on how to go about safely being active.

The benefits of activity, what we mean by activity, how to safely be active and how to get started are all covered in great detail.

Dr. Robert Thomas, a medical oncologist, sums it all up nicely in this video.

For other ways to stay healthy after a cancer diagnosis, check our our Cancer Survivors’ 8 Ways. For more on how exercise can help prevent cancer, click over to the video from our 8 ways campaign.

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