PECaD Summer Students 2016

PECaD welcomes our 2016 summer students to the team!

Bola Adeniran is a 2nd year master of public health student at Washington University in St. Louis. Bola is specializing in policy and believes it is the driving force of change for all people regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, age, and socioeconomic status. She understands change can occur at the community level as well as the national level. With her degree, Bola’s career goals are to eliminate disparities, particularly in health, and to improve the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of others. To work towards her goals, Bola is applying to law school this fall so that she may be better equipped to face the challenges of the future.

Kevin GarzaKevin Garza is a second year medical student at Washington University School of Medicine who is currently conducting breast cancer treatment disparity research under Dr. Graham Colditz utilizing data from the Missouri Tumor Registry Database.

Robert Gallo grew up in Modesto, California, before attending Washington University in St. Louis for his undergraduate studies. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 2015. Last fall, Robert began medical school, pursuing his doctoral degree in medicine at Washington University School of Medicine. He is now a second-year medical student.

Tesa DeanDonnatesa (Tesa) Dean is a master of public health student concentrating in epidemiology and biostatistics. She has interests in chronic disease prevention and racial health disparities research. She is currently working with several studies that focus on increasing access to health care for African Americans and low income populations in St. Louis. Tesa joined the PECaD team as the research and outreach practicum student. She is excited to expand her knowledge on cancer disparities and better understand effective strategies to disseminate health information and improve cancer awareness within the St. Louis community.

Anna ArnaudAnna Arnaud is a second-year medical student at Washington University School of Medicine. She is originally from Monett, Missouri, and has a degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Arkansas. This summer she is conducting research on rural cancer disparities with Dr. Aimee James and Dr. Graham Colditz in the Division of Public Health Sciences.

Caroline Min is a second-year medical school student at Washington University School of Medicine.

PECaD Summer Students Group Photo 2016

Top, from left: Caroline Min, Anna Arnaud, Robert Gallo. Bottom, from left: Bola Adeniran, Tesa Dean.

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