North St Louis County Updates

With the launch of Siteman Cancer Center at Christian Hospital in July 2017, PECaD has been busy expanding our presence in the community. Throughout the fall and early winter, PECaD has attended many community events, offering free cancer education resources and prevention information, as well as conducted multiple free PSA testing to men in the area. PECAD is also expanding our network within faith-based communities, and hopes to continue to grow those relationships in North St. Louis County. PECaD has also expanded our partnerships with the St. Louis American, the Independent News, and the St. Louis Metro Transit system to include more cancer educational messaging specific to reducing cancer disparities.

In our new educational messaging, two PECaD members, Sherrill Jackson and Cheryl Gee, are featured in our newspaper expansion. Both Sherrill and Cheryl hope to inspire other North St. Louis County residents to work on their health habits to reduce cancer risk through eating healthy, exercising and getting screenings tests. Additionally, PECaD is running a general 8 Way to Reduce your Cancer Risk metro bus campaign through April 2018. In early September 2017, this same campaign was sent to both St. Louis City and North St. Louis County residents to educate and remind residents of lifestyle habits to reduce cancer risk.

2018 will prove to be a busy year for PECaD in North St. Louis County. We will continue additional cancer prevention messages in North St. Louis County through local newspapers and the metro bus system, as well as more participation in community events. We are excited to also host a Smart Health Cancer Community Education Day at Christian Hospital on June 30. If you have any community event suggestions, please let us know at

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