New PECaD Community Resources

The PECaD team is excited and pleased to announce new resources available to community members!

  • Prostate Cancer Resource Guide – This new resource guide for patients, family members and caregivers outlines prostate cancer. It covers educational information such as what prostate cancer is, the screening recommendations, the importance of knowing family health history, questions about screening, and provides community information for patients and family members. Contact information for organizations during and after treatment is also included. The included organizations may help with healthcare access, transportation needs, financial assistance, nutritional information, advocacy information and more.
  • New 8 Ways brochures for the Kathryn M. Buder Center – PECaD and the Buder Center have worked together to create two new cancer prevention brochures for the American Indian and Alaska Native populations. These brochures focus on breast cancer and colon cancer prevention, and are part of the 8 Ways to Prevent Cancer brochure series. Both the colon cancer and breast cancer brochures are available to download online.
  • 8 Ways to Prevent Cancer and Stay Healthy flier – PECaD has revitalized a one-page flier outlining lifestyle behavior changes that can help reduce cancer risk. Some of the updates now include information about the HPV vaccine and recommendations, lung cancer screenings, and the dangers of indoor tanning.

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