Breaking Barriers: Upcoming Provider Education Event

PECaD, The Breakfast Club Inc., Hatz4Hearts, and the Pink Angels Foundation will be hosting a healthcare provider education event on February 28 from 2:00-5:00 pm in the Paul Detrick Atrium of Christian Hospital. The event is titled “Breaking Barriers: Reducing Disparities, Increasing Access,” and will focus on the role providers can play in reducing breast cancer disparities in the St. Louis region.

We will provide an overview of the barriers to screening and healthcare many in our region face, introduce resources available to providers and patients, discuss how providers can advocate for their patients and enable their patients to advocate for themselves, and more. Channel 2’s Derrion Henderson will MC the event, and Dr. Bettina Drake and Molly Guthrie (Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for Susan G. Komen) are scheduled as special guest speakers. The event will culminate with an expert panel discussion featuring Washington University School of Medicine faculty and representatives from Komen Missouri, the Breakfast Club Inc, Gateway to Hope, and Show Me Healthy Women.

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