For Your Health: The Blistering Truth About Teens and Indoor Tanning

by Dr. Graham A. Colditz Part of being a teenager is feeling a sense of youthful invincibility. The health concerns of middle age are just that – concerns of middle age – and are so far away that it’s hard for teens to even think about them, let alone want to take steps to avoid […]

Help Protect Kids from Cancer: Support a Ban on Youth Indoor Tanning

by Hank Dart We’ve written a great deal in CNiC over the years on the dangers of indoor tanning, with one primary theme being the allure it has to young people, especially teenage girls.  It even seems to border on an addiction of sorts, as some research suggests. With UV exposure in youth and young […]

Preventing Skin Cancer: Tanning Beds Still Alluring, Still Very Risky

Photo: Flickr/whatshername, Creative Commons Lic. There was a nice piece in the New York Times this weekend on the risks of indoor tanning, particularly in youth. Focussing on the personal experiences of a handful of young women and their  parents, it does a very good job highlighting the well-established risks of skin cancer and deadly melanoma, the […]

New Study: Tanning Bed Use Brings Skin Cancer Risks – and Brings Them Early

Photo: Flickr/whatshername A new study out this week further confirms the dangers of indoor tanning, finding that use of tanning beds and other UV tanning devices is strongly linked to developing skin cancer early in life. Published early online in the medical journal Pediatrics, the study compared the history of indoor tanning in a group […]

Infographic: Indoor Tanning in Missouri

Can preteen kids tan indoors?  The surprising answer in Missouri is most often “yes,” found a new study that surveyed indoor tanning facilities in the state (study; media release).  This infographic highlights that and other disturbing findings that paint an unattractive picture in one of 17 states nationwide that don’t regulate the practice of indoor […]

Tanning Industry Fights the Blistering Truth: That Tanning Beds Raise the Risk of Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers

A recent article in MedPage Today highlighted the birth of a new tanning salon industry-sponsored group that has the sole intent of refuting well-established and peer-reviewed science showing the dangers of tanning bed use. The new group – the American Suntanning Association (ASA) – which, intentionally or not, seemed to receive cozy treatment in the article, has […]

Mother/Daughter Tanning and the Dual Nature of Family History

We’ve dedicated a number of posts over the past year on the policy and health pitfalls of indoor tanning – from the potential benefits of the “tanning tax” (post) to surprisingly high rates of tanning by some youth (post).  Now comes a fascinating, if not perfectly surprising, little analysis on the influence parents can have […]

Video: No Such Thing as Safe Tanning

In the June issue of the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, University of Minnesota researcher DeAnn Lazovich and colleagues published a study further confirming the dangers of indoor tanning, finding significant increases in the risk of melanoma linked to regular tanning bed use (link).  She summarizes her findings and take-home messages in this nice […]

Tanning Beds, Addiction, and Taxes

A new study in this month’s Archives of Dermatology suggests that indoor tanning can be addicting in young adults (study) (1).  While the study was relatively small, with just over 400 participants surveyed, the results seem to bolster the need for moves toward greater regulation of the indoor tanning industry, especially through policies that curtail […]

More Blistering Truths About Tanning Bed Use By Youth

A new study published online last week in the British Medical Journal on tanning bed use by youth in the United Kingdom has raised concerns well beyond its shores (full study) (1).   The study surveyed over 9,000 children aged 11 -17 in England, Wales, and Scotland and found that 6 percent of those surveyed […]


These videos and more can be found on PECaD’s Youtube channel. Please share with your community! Virtual Town Halls 5/14/2020 On Thursday, May 14th, PECaD held a Virtual Town Hall to address COVID-19 and Cancer Disparities. The event addressed many important questions , like: “What cancer-related services are currently being offered at area hospitals?” “What […]

Previous Epidemiology & Clinical Research Outcomes Seminars

2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020 2018-2019 August 22, 2018, 12:00 p.m.Yamile Molina, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at ChicagoTopic: Social Networks and Cancer Disparities: Considerations in Theory and Measurement September 19, 12:00 p.m.Ana Baumann Walker, PhD, Research Associate Professor, Washington University in St. LouisTopic: Implementation Science and Health Disparities: Issues of Scientific Integrity […]

Room for Improvement: Rates of Cancer Risk Factors in Young Adults

As we’ve written about before on Cancer News in Context, good evidence points to the important role that behaviors in youth and young adulthood can have on cancer risk later in life. Health habits started in youth not only have a longer time to impact risk, but they can also have unique and important interactions with the […]

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The Division of Public Health Sciences faculty members strive to share their research with the public. Through many different outlets, faculty members speak with news organizations and contribute content to help educate the public about cancer and chronic disease prevention. For Your Health Division Chief Dr. Graham Colditz writes a monthly column, syndicated in small […]

New PECaD Community Resources

The PECaD team is excited and pleased to announce new resources available to community members! Prostate Cancer Resource Guide – This new resource guide for patients, family members and caregivers outlines prostate cancer. It covers educational information such as what prostate cancer is, the screening recommendations, the importance of knowing family health history, questions about […]

Cloudy Evidence on Skin Cancer Screening Shines Light on Prevention

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) reported today in the journal, JAMA, that there is not enough evidence to recommend that adults get screened for skin cancer. Though some professional medical organizations recommend physician-performed visual checks for skin cancer — and many physicians carry them out — the USPSTF found no solid evidence that […]

8 Ways To Prevent Cancer

The Division of Public Health Sciences is actively involved in the Siteman Cancer Center’s 8 Ways To Prevent Cancer campaign. Our researchers are sharing the latest discoveries in cancer prevention research that will lower a person’s risk of developing cancer. 8 Ways to Stay Healthy and Prevent Cancer 8 Ways to Stay Healthy After Cancer […]

Prevention Infographics

Infographics in this collection offer quick and visual representations of cancer prevention strategies and efforts faculty and staff continue to research and promote. These infographics can be downloaded and shared to help promote cancer prevention screenings and lifestyle behavior changes. Please note: the images are copyrighted and protected by Washington University in St. Louis.

2015’s Top Posts on Cancer News in Context

It’s been another big year of cancer prevention news, and it started with a real splash way back in January with a headline-grabbing study in Science attributing most cases of cancer to simple “bad luck.” Not surprisingly, we disagreed with that conclusion, and our post responding to the study – and the stories it generated […]

ASCO Awards Lecture: Seizing the Opportunity for Cancer Prevention

Cancer News in Context‘s own Graham Colditz received the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)–American Cancer Society Award today at the ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago (more info).  The award honors contributions to cancer prevention and control. In his associated lecture, Colditz will focus on the need to place a higher priority on prevention if […]

Does Sunscreen Prevent Skin Cancer?

As we turn to summer, cookouts, and more time in the sun, a burning question is whether sunscreen prevents skin cancer. Much media attention has focused on the slow progress made by the FDA to bring US regulations into line with other countries to gain up to date benefits of sunscreen formulation and consumer labeling […]

Adolescent & Young Adult Drinking, Benign Breast Disease, and Cancer Risk

In results widely reported this week, a new study has found strong links between the drinking behavior of young women and adolescent girls and their later risk of developing benign breast disease, a marker of future risk for breast cancer (study link) (1). The study, published early online in the journal Pediatrics, surveyed close to […]