Workaday Vegetarian: Lower Your Risk with “Weekday Veg”

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A lot of us tend to have an all or nothing approach to life, but oftentimes charting a course down the middle can have a lot to offer as well.  In fact, the goal of most public health efforts are modest changes that when spread out over the entire population can actually have huge health benefits (see related post).

In this vein, we want to share this short four minute video from the 2010 TED conference featuring Graham Hill of, who makes a compelling, real-world case for going vegetarian during the work week (video).  From a health standpoint, cutting back on red meat (especially processed meat) can help lower the risk of certain cancers as well as heart disease. And just like you don’t need to run marathons to benefit from physical activity, you don’t need to subsist totally on nuts and flax to get a health boost from your diet.

Simple, real-world changes can make a real difference, and you’ll still have the option to enjoy those weekend barbecues.

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