We’re Back – With ENERGY, 8 Ways, and the New Dietary Guidelines

The CNiC team hasn’t gone on a month long vacation (though that sure sounds nice with the snow we’ve had). We’re just been busy with writing grants and papers and gearing up for some other exciting things around here. We’ll be back with real content shortly, but in the meantime, here are some of what’s been occupying us:

Our 8 Ways to Stay Healthy and Prevent Disease is going to be featured in an exciting new partnership with KSDK news beginning next month. I also hope we’ll get to highlight our new Cancer Survivors’ 8 Ways to Stay Healthy After Cancer.

The USDA released the new Dietary Guidelines. I’ve enjoyed reading the opinions of my colleagues on these. As our colleagues at AICR have pointed out, the guidelines include some things that are important for cancer prevention, including eating less, eating fruits and vegetables and managing portions. A few other favorites on the guidelines in general:

Michele Simon at Appetite for Profit
Harvard Nutrition Source
and of course,
Marion Nestle

Our ENERGY study is about to start our first wave of women in the weight control program. We are continuing to recruit, as are our colleagues in San Diego, Denver and Birmingham. This is a weight management program for overweight breast cancer survivors.

And I’ve learned that engaging a toddler in the cooking process, while great on many levels, is not conducive to food photography – and thus, prevention cooking posts!

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