(Video) Inequality and Health – Richard Wilkinson on TED

At CNiC, we’re big fans of many of the TED presentations, the way they often communicate complex ideas through the use of effective displays of hard data.   One recent TED post we like is a sixteen minute presentation by Richard Wilkinson on the impact of economic inequality on a wide range of issues that relate to health and quality of life.  Using a range of straightforward and engaging graphics, Wilkinson –  who is Professor Emeritus of Social Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham – makes a strong case that in much of today’s world, broad inequality has a hugely negative impact within countries – regardless of their overall economic standing.
Inequality and health disparities are topics we cover often on CNiC, since health status can vary so greatly by people’s income and education level.  That income inequality in the US alone is advancing with more speed than ever (Economist), it’s an issue that – despite the current economic and political climate – needs to be addressed through public policy and other efforts before its health and broader societal effects reach tragic proportions.  This video shows exactly why.

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