Transdisciplinary Energetics and Cancer (TREC)

Obesity and cancer?
Why are we meeting in Philadelphia?
These are question not commonly asked on our CNiC blog. Let me explain a little of our new center on obesity and cancer, and link you to our related resources.

NCI convened the first meeting of funded centers working together on issues relating energy balance, obesity, and cancer. My role at this meeting with Sarah Gehlert, leading our TREC at Washington University in St. Louis was to provide an overview of our Center and the projects we have embarked upon to address obesity and cancer, with a particular focus on translating our findings to the burden of cancer in Missouri. See our web site. 

Our 5-year funding sets us in motion to bring faculty together across our university and with neighbors across our state to move forward counteracting the burden of cancer due to obesity. We have previously written on just how great this is for our nation.(see Obesity and Cancer. Wolin, et al. 2010.) Now we are linked to colleagues in other centers to learn from our collective efforts. 

The quick summary of our center is available through this link. Transdisciplinary Center Approach to Examine Multilevel and Multigenerational Associations Between Obesity and Cancer“. 

Over the coming months we will add updates on progress as we expand our research and translation to practice to address obesity and prevent cancer.

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