For Your Health – Warming Up to Cold-Weather Activities

Family of four with young children in warm clothes enjoying an autumn walk in the woods

“Find the activities that bring you joy, and you won’t stop at a little cold weather to fit them in.” Dr. Elizabeth Salerno Maybe it’ll be this week. Maybe next, or the week after. But before long, the weather’s going to make its shift to the consistently colder days of fall and winter. While that […]

For Your Health – Spring Toward Wellness

A scientific paper recently looked at the links between the time of year and how physically active we are, finding that spring is a season when many people are most active.  Summer does very well, too, of course. But in some studies, spring took the top spot outright. It’s pretty easy to see why – there’s […]

For Your Health – The Many Benefits of Spending Time in Greenspaces

As wonderful as summertime can be, there’s also something really nice about the calendar – and the weather – turning toward fall.  The light starts to soften a bit, and the crisp mornings and warm afternoons invite us to spend more time outside.   Maybe that’s walking the kids home from school, cycling to the grocery store […]