September 2017 Smart Health event

Vetta speaking at Smart HealthOn Saturday, September 9, 2017, The Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities (PECaD) in collaboration with Restoration Christian Community Church, hosted “Smart Health: Cancer Community Education Day” at Restoration Christian Community Church in East St. Louis, IL, led by Pastor Charlie Blackmon. Smart Health was created to provide our community members with deeper learning opportunities pertaining to lowering cancer risk and prevention measures.

Over 40 participants between the ages of 30-83 years old were able to learn and engage in the following sessions: “How Prostate Cancer Impacted My Life” led by Raymond Marbury, “8 Ways to Prevent Cancer” by Dr. Vetta Thompson, “Colon Health: Learn about your Colon and Colon Cancer” presented by Dr. Jean Wang, and an interactive aerobics session that was taught by fitness enthusiast, Cheryl Gee.

During the event, participants were also able to visit the PECaD cancer information table, receive information about the Imagine Health Study, learn about breast health from the Start Now Program at Touchette Regional Hospital, and walk through our large inflatable colon that features various stages of disease with explanations of normal colon tissue, Crohn’s disease, polyp, malignant polyp, colon cancer, and advanced colon cancer.

PECaD would like to thank all of our presenters, panelist, vendors, and most of all, our community members for attending Smart Health to teach and learn about cancer and ways to reduce cancer risks.

If you would like to collaborate with The Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities to bring events like “Smart Health” to your congregation, please contact PECaD.

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