PECaD Working with Mammography Van

PECaD has started working with the Siteman Mammography Van at screening sites to provide breast cancer education to women. Through this partnership, PECaD staff are able to reach women who have not scheduled a mammogram to answer their questions, help dispel any concern they have around cancer screening, and assist them with getting a mammogram with the van, if they meet the qualifications.

PECaD staff use our 8 Ways brochures to educate people on cancer screening and prevention, and help connect people with screening and care resources in the St. Louis area. For those in need of further connections to resources, PECaD staff are able to connect them with healthcare navigators who can help.

We have put our Mammography Van educational outreach into practice at multiple locations in North and South City, and North County, with plans for expansion into other areas where breast cancer rates are above average. We work with the mammography van coordinators to identify the locations most in need of educational outreach to break down barriers to screening.

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