New Educational Messaging Focuses on American Indians

The Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities’ (PECaD’s) relationship with the Kathryn M. Buder Center has allowed for continued growth of reaching American Indian and Alaskan Native women to help with cancer prevention, education and screenings. In an effort to be inclusive, PECaD’s education messaging and outreach campaign will now include two American Indian women from the St. Louis community. Through these new outreach messages, featured below, PECaD and the Buder Center are able to address the importance of a healthy diet and physical activity for cancer prevention, particularly in the American Indian and Alaskan Native populations.

This past fall, Sherry and Dolores, both women from American Indian populations in St. Louis, were able to describe why physical activity and healthy diets were important to them during a photoshoot. Sherry, who enjoys swimming and walking, along with Dolores, who knows that a healthy diet is important to a healthy life, hope to be community advocates for cancer prevention among American Indian and Alaskan Native men and women.

These two education messages will be placed in local newspapers, such as the St. Louis American, the East St. Louis Monitor, and the Belleville News Democrat, in addition to the national magazine, The American Indian Graduate, beginning in February 2017. PECaD also plans to use Sherry’s physical activity message on the St. Louis region’s metro bus and Metrolink during winter and spring 2017. Keep your eyes out for PECaD’s newest additions to the current outreach and education campaign!

Sherry Dolores PECaD newsletter

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