Healthy “Hoppin’ John” to Welcome 2015 (Recipe)

Creative Commons photo: Flickr/Robert S. Donovan (cropped)

The holidays are filled with great-tasting but less-than-healthy food.  And that’s OK.  We all deserve some time to celebrate with our family and friends and enjoy food without worrying about its sodium, fat, and whole grain content.  As long as we don’t go too crazy and get back to our healthy habits the rest of the year – there’s really no harm done.

To begin the transition back to our regular lives and to usher in the coming year, we searched for a great-tasting, healthy recipe for New Year’s Day and came up with a version of the already-pretty-healthy traditional dish – Hoppin’ John.  With Southern origins, it’s now eaten all across the country and is said to bring good luck throughout the year.

This recipe – from Let’s Move – is simple, meatless, big on flavor, and quite healthy.  It has the traditional black-eyed peas and brown rice, collard greens, and smoked paprika in place of bacon or ham-hock. Enjoy.

Happy New Year

Let’s Move – Holiday’s All Over – Hoppin’ John (recipe)

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