Anne ButlerInstructor in Medicine
Division of Infectious Diseases
John T. Milliken Department of Internal Medicine
Washington University School of Medicine
(314) 454-8354

Research Overview:
Dr. Anne Mobley Butler is an epidemiologist with a primary appointment in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Washington University School of Medicine. Her pharmacoepidemiology research focuses on the treatment and prevention of common infections, including antibiotic and vaccine utilization, effectiveness, safety, and related outcomes. Her work involves the application of epidemiologic study designs and analytic methods to highly detailed, clinical and administrative data that are captured on patients as part of routine clinical care. Dr. Butler’s research utilizes data from various national databases including US commercial claims, Medicare, Medicaid, United States Renal Database System, Flatiron, and other clinical cohorts. Given that various patient populations are rarely included in clinical trials, results generated from these studies provide much needed evidence to inform decisions related to clinical practice, health policy, and quality improvement interventions.

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