The photovoice project began in 2011 as a way to help promote awareness and begin discussions about colon cancer and preventative screenings. The project used a participant-driven approach in which community members are provided cameras to capture images relevant to colorectal cancer screening. Participating photos were shown to the public and integrated in PECaD community outreach activities.

The community-selected images and narratives gathered from this study have been built upon for future community-based studies and outreach to promote cancer screening and eliminate colorectal cancer disparities. In addition, several papers have been published about the photovoice project and follow up grants have been established to continue addressing colorectal cancer disparities.

This project is funded by the National Cancer Institute (R21 CA 147794, PI James).

Below are some examples of the photovoice project photos completed by community members. See more photos for this project on the James Lab website.

Poster 10
Poster 12
Poster 13
Process Poster