CNiC’s Colditz Honored for Contributions to Prevention – Highlights Importance of Early Life in Breast Cancer Risk

Cancer News in Context’s Graham Colditz is being honored tonight at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as an AACR 2014-2015 Scientific Awardee.

In the announcement of his 2014 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cancer Prevention, AACR describes the honor and Colditz’s contributions to the field:

The award is given annually to a scientist residing in any country in the world for his or her seminal contributions to the field of cancer prevention. Such investigations must have been conducted in basic, translational, clinical, epidemiological, or behavioral science in cancer prevention research. Further, these studies must have had not only a major impact on the field, but must also have stimulated new directions in this important area.

Colditz is an internationally recognized leader in cancer prevention. Colditz’s research includes developing statistical models to more accurately classify levels of risk for several cancers, and to clarify the importance of adolescent lifestyle in the prevention of breast cancer.

In his related blog post on the ACCR site — A Youthful Approach: Expanding the Reach of Breast Cancer Prevention — Colditz detailed the growing evidence showing that early life behaviors play a key role in later adult breast cancer risk.  The post was the site’s number three most popular post of 2014.

Building on this evidence, Colditz has co-authored a forthcoming ebook on breast cancer that highlights a generational approach to preventing the disease.  Titled Together: Every Woman’s Guide to Preventing Breast Cancer, the book is filled with engaging messages for mothers, daughters, grandmothers and women at all stages of life.  It is written for a general audience and is expected to be released late spring of this year.

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