Study Links Eating Whole Grains with Lower Risk of Liver Cancer

A large new study has found that regularly eating whole grains may significantly lower the risk of liver cancer. The study, published online in JAMA Oncology, followed 125,000 men and women for an average of 24 years, gathering information on participants’ diet at regular intervals over that time. The researchers found that those who ate […]

New Diet Study Finds “Ultra-Processed” Foods May Be Linked to Cancer Risk

by Hank Dart A new study out of France highlights another possible reason to avoid eating too many highly processed foods:  They may increase the risk of cancer. The paper, published yesterday in the British Medical Journal, followed close to 105,000 adults for an average of 5 years.  Along the way, participants were asked to regularly […]

Be Less Refined: Eat More Whole Grains

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared as a Health Beyond Barriers podcast on Minds Eye Radio. It was produced in English, Spanish, Bosnian, Vietnamese, and Arabic through a collaboration with LAMP, Language Access Metro Project. By Hank Dart Whole grains. For something so often recommended as part of a healthy diet, they can seem pretty […]