Weighty Matters: The Obesity Epidemic Keeps Advancing

A new federal analysis shows that the adult obesity epidemic in the United States keeps on getting worse.  Between 2007 and 2016, the percentage of the adult population that was obese increased from an already very high 33.7 percent to a staggering 39.6 percent.  And the rate of those severely obese increased from just under […]

Large-Scale Problem: Obesity Rates Still Increasing in Certain Groups

by Hank Dart The course of the obesity epidemic in the United States has been so bad for so many years that even minor victories have been cause for celebration. But despite some bright spots in the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports on national rates of obesity (on adults, on youth), […]

8 Ways to Lower Colon Cancer Risk in One Simple Graphic

by Katy Henke Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States. The good news is that 75 percent of cases could be prevented with healthy lifestyle choices. These eight simple tips can help you lower your colon cancer risk and improve your overall health (PDF). For more information and prevention tips, […]

Obesity shortening life among breast cancer survivors, national US data

Obesity is a strong driver for postmenopausal breast cancer. Consistent data from around the world show that overweight and obese women are at increased risk of breast cancer through their postmenopausal years. It is estimated that obesity causes more than 10% of postmenopausal breast cancer. Mechanisms for this include higher circulating estrogen levels among overweight […]

Obesity Cuts Life Short

More than 15 yeas ago we showed conclusive evidence that obesity causes many chronic conditions in the US population1-3 -, that weight gain increases risk of diabetes 4-6, heart disease 7, breast cancer 8, and that this burden adds up quickly, even before we get to overweight, let alone obesity. In the New England Journal […]

Transdisciplinary Energetics and Cancer (TREC)

Obesity and cancer? Why are we meeting in Philadelphia? These are question not commonly asked on our CNiC blog. Let me explain a little of our new center on obesity and cancer, and link you to our related resources. NCI convened the first meeting of funded centers working together on issues relating energy balance, obesity, […]

Obesity, hormones, and breast cancer

We continue the theme of progress in understanding the causes and potential for prevention of cancer. This understanding has advanced substantially over the 30 years since Doll and Peto published their landmark report. Today I return to obesity, hormones, and breast cancer. Doll and Peto noted that obesity was related to increased risk of postmenopausal […]

Obesity increases risk of multiple myeloma – overwhelming evidence.

In our Prevention Snapshot we refer to data from a thorough analysis reported by Renehan who combined prospective cohort data separately for men (7 studies) and women (6 studies) and observed a significant increase in relative risk of 1.11 for a 5 unit increase in BMI for men 1. This meta-analysis also reported no meaningful variation in […]

Study of 1.4 Million Shows Early Deaths Linked to Overweight & Obesity – What Now?

In what in many ways is a definitive study on the topic, a very large analysis of 1.46 million adults further confirms that overweight and obesity significantly increase the risk of mortality (study). The analysis by Berrington de Gonzalez and colleagues, which appears in the New England Journal of Medicine today, pooled together data from […]

Lost in a Food Desert? Where Do You Buy Your Veggies?

This morning, I had the extreme pleasure of hearing Dr. Bill Dietz of the CDC’s Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity in the Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion speak about Policy and Environmental Changes to Prevent and Control Obesity at the Washington University School of Medicine Grand Rounds. Dr. Dietz touched on […]

That beer belly may be worse than you thought

That obesity had deleterious health consequences isn’t news, especially around here. Yet, we still find the results of a study out of Australia, published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention this week on weight gain and colon cancer risk compelling. Most adults experience weight gain over the course of their lives and this weight gain, […]

Health and economic burden of obesity

As the prevalence of overweight and obesity continues to climb, the challenges of quantifying the impact of this epidemic to inform public policies and health services becomes more pressing. The consequences of obesity on population health are far–reaching—as demonstrated in extensive analyses of health and economic consequences. For example, Calle and colleagues reported data from […]