For Your Health – Understanding Prostate Cancer Screening and Prevention

Hand in blue surgical gloves holds a vial of blood with the label: Free PSA Test.

Prostate cancer isn’t a pleasant topic to think about. But at the same time, it’s a cancer that many of us are, unfortunately, familiar with. It’s likely impacted people in our lives, whether it’s family members, friends or those we know through school or work. So, whether it’s for ourselves or those we care about, […]

Be Less Refined: Eat More Whole Grains

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared as a Health Beyond Barriers podcast on Minds Eye Radio. It was produced in English, Spanish, Bosnian, Vietnamese, and Arabic through a collaboration with LAMP, Language Access Metro Project. By Hank Dart Whole grains. For something so often recommended as part of a healthy diet, they can seem pretty […]

New Dietary Recommendations Take Innovative Approach – and Not Everyone’s Happy About It

By Yikyung Park, ScD Editor’s note: Not surprisingly, the recently released report from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Advisory Committee was met with both praise and scorn.  Many in the medical and health fields lauded the report for its innovative approach to considering both the food environment and sustainability, as well as for its healthy […]

Time on the Side: New Analysis Finds That to Eat Less – Eat Slower

Photo: Flickr/thomashawk It probably comes as no surprise, but mom was right: We really shouldn’t eat so fast. Apart from the noise and the mess and the ill-effects on dinner table conversation, wolfing down food may have ill-effects on health as well. A detailed new analysis in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that […]

Healthy Eating: Focus on Every Day, not Thanksgiving Day

Tara Parker-Pope wrote an interesting post yesterday on the New York Times’ Thanksgiving Help Line about the commonly thrown around stat that the average person consumes 4500 calories in the course of Thanksgiving Day.  In the piece, she works at length itemizing what 4500 calories would actually look like – choosing many fat and sugar-laden […]

Nuts for Nuts

Limiting red meat intake is one of the key messages in our cancer prevention education programs and we’ve talked about it before on CNiC. Red meat significantly increases risk of colon cancer and may also increase risk of lung, esophageal, stomach and pancreatic cancers. But as with many of the things you can do to […]

Superbad? The Problem with “Superfood” Lists

Today I hopped over to to review their “most stressful cities” list (and was relieved that St Louis wasn’t topping another “bad” place to live list — I think topping the syphilis list is enough). While I was there, a link to a list of “10 foods you should be eating” caught my eye. […]

Keeping Score: Help at the Grocery

This week, the Wall Street Journal reported on the launch of a new scoring system in grocery stores developed by the company, NuVal, which worked with a panel of (reputable) nutrition and health experts to create a scoring system that can be used to evaluate the nutritional value of products. While creating a perfect scoring system isn’t […]