For Your Health – Understanding Prostate Cancer Screening and Prevention

Hand in blue surgical gloves holds a vial of blood with the label: Free PSA Test.

Prostate cancer isn’t a pleasant topic to think about. But at the same time, it’s a cancer that many of us are, unfortunately, familiar with. It’s likely impacted people in our lives, whether it’s family members, friends or those we know through school or work. So, whether it’s for ourselves or those we care about, […]

For Your Health – 4 Healthy Eating Tips That Can Lower the Risk of Cancer

July 5, 2022 It’s likely no surprise to read that what we choose to eat and drink can have a large impact on our health, including our risk of cancer.  Practically from the time we can sit up at the kitchen table, we’re reminded of the importance of eating our vegetables.  And although some of the messages […]

For Your Health: Young adults, keep eating your vegetables (and other great advice)

If you’ve finally reached that age when you’re officially an adult and starting to branch out on your own for work, school or another adventure, you’ve likely received a lot of advice from the older adults in your life. Some of it you may have sought out. Most of it, probably not. And, yes, as […]

Practicing Prevention: Cooking with a Toddler

A few weeks back, we took our toddler to see Sesame Street Live – a groan-inducing rite of passage for many parents of toddlers. This year’s subtitle was “Elmo’s Healthy Heroes,” and the show followed Grover in his efforts to locate his “superness,” which he regained through 4 healthy habits: eating right (in this case, […]

Lost in a Food Desert? Where Do You Buy Your Veggies?

This morning, I had the extreme pleasure of hearing Dr. Bill Dietz of the CDC’s Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity in the Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion speak about Policy and Environmental Changes to Prevent and Control Obesity at the Washington University School of Medicine Grand Rounds. Dr. Dietz touched on […]

Taking Food Matters for a Spin

CNiC recently gave a big endorsement of Mark Bittman’s new Food Matters cookbook. This week, we gave two of the recipes a whirl. One of the things that appeals to me about Bittman as a food writer is that he appreciates fine complex cuisine, but pushes us to realize that every meal (or most meals) […]

Supplements – magic bullet or poison pill?

It seems everywhere you turn, someone is touting a new herbal supplement or extract as the solution to what ails you – prevent cancer, lose weight, reduce cholesterol, boost immunity. You name it, someone is probably selling an herbal concoction to fix it. And often, these claims seem to be backed by scientific research. So […]

Superbad? The Problem with “Superfood” Lists

Today I hopped over to to review their “most stressful cities” list (and was relieved that St Louis wasn’t topping another “bad” place to live list — I think topping the syphilis list is enough). While I was there, a link to a list of “10 foods you should be eating” caught my eye. […]

Despite New Results – Keep Eating Your Fruits and Vegetables

The headlines this week about fruits and vegetables doing little, if anything, to lower cancer risk may entice you to reach for a candy bar rather than a carrot (study), but there’s still plenty of good reasons to keep working on your 5 or more each day. Most importantly, there’s still very good evidence that eating […]