For Your Health – A simple, healthy boost to winter comfort foods

Whole grain penne, olive oil, tomato, basil and feta cheese, garlic on a wooden board.

It’s the time of year when we’re drawn to comfort foods. As the days get shorter and hats and coats take center stage in the closet, many of us seek out dishes that warm us up.  While comfort foods vary, they commonly include casseroles, soups, stews and noodle dishes, among others. They’re often familiar foods […]

For Your Health – Healthy Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

When it comes to those healthier choices, simpler is almost always better. Summer can be a thirsty time, and a cold drink on a hot day is one of the real pleasures of the season. When it comes to healthy ways to stay hydrated this summer – or any other time of year – not […]

For Your Health – Spring Toward Wellness

A scientific paper recently looked at the links between the time of year and how physically active we are, finding that spring is a season when many people are most active.  Summer does very well, too, of course. But in some studies, spring took the top spot outright. It’s pretty easy to see why – there’s […]

For Your Health – Simple Tips for Keeping Weight in Check and Improving Health

Weight can be a tricky topic. While our weight has no bearing on who we are or how we should be viewed or treated, it can be quite important when it comes to health and well-being. And that can be very meaningful – not only to us personally but also to our family, friends and […]

For Your Health: Preparing for Healthy Holidays

With Thanksgiving and the winter holidays just around corner, division chief Dr. Graham Colditz‘s latest For Your Health column discusses ways we can help keep our friends, family, and ourselves healthy as we celebrate during the ongoing pandemic. With insight from Dr. Bettina Drake, he covers COVID-related safety and health, of course, but also broader […]