New Study Shows Being Sedentary is Bad for Physical and Fiscal Health

Creative Commons photo (cropped): Flickr/hjl There is no magic bullet that will guarantee good health.  That’s just an unfortunate fact of life.  But there is something that can help stave off heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and depression, while also helping us maintain a higher quality of life as we get older.  And it’s largely […]

Nuts for Nuts

Limiting red meat intake is one of the key messages in our cancer prevention education programs and we’ve talked about it before on CNiC. Red meat significantly increases risk of colon cancer and may also increase risk of lung, esophageal, stomach and pancreatic cancers. But as with many of the things you can do to […]

Going Global: New WHO Report on the Rise of Chronic Disease

It’s been a trend developing for a number of years: the rising prominence of chronic disease across the globe.  Where diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer were once the main health concerns of more affluent countries, they’ve now taken over top spots in developing nations as well – signaling both a shift away […]

The price we pay for obesity: diabetes drives hospital costs

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported yesterday (see full report) that 1 in 5 hospitalizations in 2008 involved a person with diabetes. This amounted to 7.7 million hospital stays at a cost of $83 billion in just the hospital costs. Diabetics had hospital stays that were longer, on average, and more likely to […]

Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer

With the release this week of the ACS report on Diabetes and Cancer risk, we return to the growing cancer burden caused by obesity and excess weight gain during adult years. We might approach this problem from several angles. First, which cancers are caused by obesity and second, by focusing on diabetes, we might ask […]

Despite New Results – Keep Eating Your Fruits and Vegetables

The headlines this week about fruits and vegetables doing little, if anything, to lower cancer risk may entice you to reach for a candy bar rather than a carrot (study), but there’s still plenty of good reasons to keep working on your 5 or more each day. Most importantly, there’s still very good evidence that eating […]

Metformin reduces cancer risk

The anti-diabetic drug metformin is associated with reduced cancer incidence. In a UK based study of 4085 type 2 diabetics who used metformin from 1994 to 2003, investigators compared the incidence of cancer in those diebetics to the rate of cancer in diabetics who did not use metformin. The risk of cancer was reduced by […]