Each year in the spring, the Department of Surgery holds a retreat where residents meet to discuss how to improve the residency. All residents are relieved of clinical duties while fellows or attendings cover the services.

The 2017 Resident Retreat began with a lecture about the future of the U.S. Supreme Court followed by break-out sessions by PGY level, on to team building exercises, and a conclusion of morning activities with a guest presenter sharing insights into the role of an 18th century barber surgeon. After lunch, the residents went off campus, as they have done in years past – this time, racing cars indoors and competing for prizes. In past years, the residents have visited Mastermind Escape Room, City Museum to see a circus and to do circus tricks, Chesterfield Sports Fusion for laser tag, and Hidden Valley Ski Resort for snow-tubing.

Resident retreat

Residents pose at race track during 2017 Retreat.

2017 Retreat: Indoor Car Racing
2017 Residency Retreat 2017 Residency Retreat
Resident retreat Resident retreat
 2016 Retreat: Mastermind Escape Room
2016 Residency Retreat 2016 Residency Retreat
2016 Residency Retreat  
2015 Retreat: St. Louis Art Museum