Yin Cao, ScD, MPH

Yin Cao 660 S. Euclid Ave.
Campus Box 8100
St. Louis MO 63110

Research Overview

Dr. Cao is a cancer epidemiologist focusing on risk prediction, screening and early detection, and chemoprevention of major cancers, particularly gastrointestinal malignancies. She has extensive training and research experience in genetic, molecular, and nutritional epidemiology, and was an instructor of medicine at the Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School (2015-2017) before joining Washington University. Her research areas include the etiology and early detection of young onset colorectal cancer, the role of microbiome and host immunity in carcinogenesis, and the development of precision aspirin chemoprevention guidelines. She will use multiple -omic technologies and advanced prediction tools (e.g., machine learning), as well as methods in comparative effectiveness research (e.g., decision modeling), to develop personalized cancer prevention and early detection strategies.

Title: Lifestyle risk factors and metabolic signatures of young-onset colorectal cancer
Description: To examine lifestyle risk factors through life course and novel metabolomic signatures of young-onset colorectal neoplasia, for which the early detection remains challenging.
Funding Agency: Raymond P. Lavietes Foundation
Role: PI

Title: Aspirin for the prevention of Barrett’s Esophagus
Description: To examine the association of aspirin use, at a range of doses and duration of use, and risk of Barrett’s esophagus among women and men who have undergone upper endoscopy.
Funding Agency: Altarum Institute
Role: Co-PI

Select Publications

Dr. Cao on PubMed

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