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Jennifer Ivanovich, MS, MBA, CGC

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Young Women's Breast Cancer Program

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Graduate School

MBA, Business Administration, University of Missouri – St. Louis, 2001

MS, Biology (emphasis in Genetic Counseling), University of Cincinnati, 1992

Board Certifications

1993, American Board of Genetic Counseling, Full Certification

Honors and Awards

2008, Community Service Award: Angel Award, Celebrate Fitness, St. Louis, MO

2006, YWBCP, MAHRPM Show Me Excellence Award, St. Louis, MO

2003, The Woman is Stronger than the Disease, MAHPRM Show Me Excellence Award, St. Louis, MO

Research Interests

Ms. Ivanovich is a board certified clinical cancer genetic counselor and a Research Assistant Professor in the Division of Public Health Sciences, Department of Surgery at Washington University in St. Louis. Ms. Ivanovich provides genetic counseling, assessment and education to individuals with a personal or family history of cancer type. Individuals are evaluated in the Cancer Genetics Clinic at the Siteman Cancer Center, directed by Dr. Alison Whelan, a board certified clinical geneticist. Jennifer’s special clinical interest is in the care of young adults with cancer. Jennifer has been a co-investigator on several cancer genetics studies including studies focused on breast cancer, AML, bone marrow failure, and rare cancer syndromes. Jennifer was a member of the research team responsible for the discovery of the DICER1 gene as the basis for the pleuropulmonary blastoma cancer syndrome. Currently, Jennifer serves as a co-investigator for two studies focused on the identification of novel genetic risk factors for breast cancer development among young breast cancer survivors and a health communications study designed to understand communication preferences regarding information obtained from whole genome sequencing. Ms. Ivanovich is the co-founder and Director of the Young Women's Breast Cancer Program, a community support and education program for women diagnosed prior to 45 years of age. In 2011, Jennifer received a grant from the CDC to expand education services to young adults with cancer. 

Contact Information

660 S. Euclid Avenue
Campus Box 8100
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 454-5076

Selected Publications

Ivanovich J, Mallory S, Storer T, Ciske D, Hing A. Clinical Report: 12-year-old male with Elejalde syndrome (Neuroectodermal melanolysosomal disease). Am J Med Genet; 98 313-316, 2000.

Ivanovich J
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advanced breast cancer. Cancer Med. 2015 Dec 21. doi: 10.1002/cam4.586. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 26687192.

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Editorial Positions

2001, American Society of Internal Medicine
Reviewer: Physicians’ Information and Education Resource, Genetic Counseling Module for the American College of Physicians

1998, American Society of Human Genetics
Reviewer: Scientific abstracts submitted to the genetic counseling and genetics education section for the Annual Education Conference.


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