Prevention Infographics

Infographics in this collection offer quick and visual representations of cancer prevention strategies and efforts faculty and staff continue to reserach and promote. These infographics can be downloaded and shared to help promote cancer prevention screenings and lifestyle behavior changes.

Please note: the images are copyrighted and protected by Washington University in St. Louis.

8 Ways infographicDownload the PDF8 Ways CRC infographicDownload the English PDF; Spanish PDF; Bosnian PDF; Arabic PDF; Vietnamese PDF

Cancer survivors infographic
Download the PDF
BC prevention infographicDownload the PDF
HPV early benefits infographicDownload the PDF

BC drugs infographicDownload the PDF

BC prevention at early ageDownload the PDF
Tanning infographicDownload the PDF

HPV Vaccine infographicDownload the PDF

Together book tips for BCDownload the PDF

2014-2015 PECaD At A GlanceDownload the PDF