James Receives Funds to Improve Rural Colon Cancer Screening

Aimee JamesCongratulations to Aimee James, PhD, MPH, associate professor of surgery, who received a one-year U01 supplement from the National Institutes of Health to address colorectal cancer mortality rates in rural Southern Illinois. Dr. James and colleagues will work with Southern Illinois Healthcare to address and improve the screening process and follow-up for patients who have a positive fecal blood test (FOBT, FIT). Research will begin by analyzing current procedures in 16 rural healthcare clinics and address ways to improve patient care. This analysis will provide information to establish and implement a successful multi-level intervention increasing CRC screening rates and follow-up care. 

Investigators at Washington University School of Medicine include Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH; Esther Lu, PhD; Jean Wang, MD; and Jean Hunleth, PhD, MPH.  Colleagues at Southern Illinois Healthcare include Marci Moore-Connelly, MD; Kevin Oestmann, MD; Dan Skiles, Woody Thorne, Julie Patera, and Angie Bailey, and David Steward, MD, at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

Please contact Dr. Aimee James or Sonya Izadi for more information.